Is There An Absolute Safe Lock For Home Doors?

Making your home burglarproof isn't something simple like purchasing a lock in your neighborhood shop. If you need your home to be protected by a lock, you will need to do more than just buying a door lock. Even when you buy the lock from your trusted locksmith, it cannot be effective if the lock doesn't match the type of lock you have.

When buying a door lock, you might ask yourself whether there is any safest door lock for your home. The answer to this is yes; there are safe locks for your home doors. However, these locks must match with your doors. To assist you with choosing the safest lock for your home doors, here are the qualities of a good door lock.

The Key Shouldn't Be Easily Duplicated

If a locksmith can duplicate your key without any problem, then burglars and thieves can duplicate your key—without any challenge. The growth of technology has made it easy for thieves and burglars to copy keys within a very short period of time. Therefore, you need to buy a lock with keys that cannot be duplicated easily. In addition to that, you need to ensure that your keys are duplicated by the manufacturer or qualified locksmiths.


A good door lock should be saw-resistant, therefore, ensure that your door lock has this feature. There are door locks that are fitted with anti-saw pins internally. The anti-saw pins usually spin freely in the inside of the locks bolt. In the event a burglar or thief tries to break the lock using a saw, the anti-saw pin makes it harder. The pins usually spin forward and backward whenever someone tries to saw or drill the lock, thus making it hard to break.

Anti-Drill Feature

The anti-drill feature can only be found in specific brands of door locks. These locks have hardened-steel chips that prevent anyone from drilling the door lock. The anti-drill feature can be found inside the door lock, which makes it hard for burglars to disable it.

Bolt-Assembly Protector

The bolt-assembly protector resembles a collar, which appears between the bolt and the cylinder. The design of this feature helps in covering your door lock's internal parts, and it protects your lock from being dismantled by burglars using a lock prick.

You should always endeavor to keep your home as safe as possible. You can put off burglars as well as other threats by ensuring that your house has all the necessary security features required. You can consult a locksmith and have them inspect your home to recommend the type of lock you need. For more information, check out a website like