Does Your Elderly Parent Have Narcotics In The Home? Protect Their Medication To Avoid Theft

Do you have a parent that has many medications, and you worry about people trying to steal those medications because of your parent's vulnerability? If this is the case, there are things that you can do to prevent this from happening.

You shouldn't have to worry that your parent won't have the medical prescriptions they need when required or that someone is in danger because they are misusing the medications. Here are some of the precautions to take so you know the medications are safe when you are away.

Lockable Controlled Substance Cabinet

A lockable cabinet is one of the easiest ways to limit access to your parent's medication. Find a cabinet that can lock with a key, can be mounted in a location that isn't easy to access without being seen, and that is fire and water-resistant.

Limit who knows where the key is, or don't give anyone access to the cabinet. If you set the pills out for your parent or only give them access to a few days' worth of medication at a time, you can rest easy knowing that the main supply of the medication is stored in the locked cabinet.

Small Camera Near the Medication

It is easy to install a small camera in the space. Talk with your parent to see if they think this is a possibility to reduce the chances of stolen medication. You can place it next to the cabinet and have it motion-activated.

This means it will only turn on when people are around and activate it. This could also be helpful if you have to press charges or possibly prosecute someone. If the medication gets into the wrong hands and someone tries to blame you, it will be beneficial to have a recording showing that they stole the medication.

About 72 percent of the over 96,000 drug overdoses every year are from opioids. If you fear that your elderly parent is a target and that people in your family or around the home want to steal their narcotics and medication, you have to take the necessary precautions.

You don't want your parent to be the victim of crime because some people are so desperate for drugs, so you have to be safe. Get a safe that locks, hide the keys, and get a camera set up so you can worry a little less about having to leave your elderly parent with narcotics in the house.

For more information about lockable narcotic cabinets, contact a local company.