Tips For Replacing An Exterior Door Deadbolt

Do you have a deadbolt on one of your home's exterior doors that is not working well? If so, you are going to need to replace it. Here are some tips for replacing a deadbolt on your own.

Remove The Old Deadbolt

The only tool you'll really need to do this job is a screwdriver. Start by removing the screws that are going through the locking mechanism on the inside of your home. They should be really long screws that extend to the exterior plate that has the locking cylinder. You can now remove the screws holding the plate from the middle part of the door that holds the deadbolt in place. You should now be able to pull out the deadbolt mechanism.

Set The Deadbolt Length

When you open up your new deadbolt set, you will want to look at the new deadbolt mechanism. You may notice that you can twist the deadbolt mechanism, which actually extends the length of how far the deadbolt extends. Before you place the deadbolt mechanism in the door, make sure that the new length for the deadbolt is set correctly. It is possible that the deadbolt is set on the longest setting, which will not fit within the door jamb if it has a very shallow hole for the deadbolt. Your options will be to make the hole deeper, or simply twist the deadbolt mechanism so that it is shorter in length.

Install The New Deadbolt

Slide the deadbolt mechanism in the door and place the screws in the plate, but do not tighten it all the way just yet. Keeping it a bit loose will help you fit the locking mechanism and cylinder plate through the deadbolt mechanisms. Once all three pieces are in place, start tightening all of the screws so that the pieces are firmly in place. Make sure not to overtighten any of the screws though, since a stripped screw head will make it difficult to remove the deadbolt at a later date if it is necessary. Test the deadbolt by closing the door and turning the locking mechanism, which, if set to the correct length earlier, should fully latch in the door

Seems too hard to replace your broken deadbolt on your own? Reach out to a locksmith that can handle it for you. They can even rekey your new deadbolt so that it matches the other locks in your home, so you only need one key. For more information about residential lock repair, contact a local locksmith.