Is It Time To Change Your Locks?

You need to change your locks periodically on your home to keep your residence safe. There are many occasions in which getting residential lock replacement is the best decision for you. Here are reasons to change the locks on your home so you know it's time.

You bought a new house

Did you recently buy a new house? Then it's time to change the locks. The reason why is this: even when the old homeowner hands over their keys to the home to you, you don't know how many duplicate keys there are out there. Maybe the previous homeowner made copies of keys to give to a friend, relative, or neighbor, and the keys were never returned?

Even though it's unlikely that a person who is a stranger to you would try to get into your home if they had a working key, you don't want to take that risk. You should get your locks replaced just to be on the safe side so you know the only people who have keys to your new home are you and your family.

You've had neighborhood break-ins

Your neighborhood has been hit with break-ins and vandalism lately and you feel at a loss as to how you can keep your family safe. One way you can do this is by changing the locks on your home.

New locks provide you extra security because you can select the locks that have the best modern technology. Some locks are harder to pick than others, making it more difficult to make your home a target. Talk to your locksmith about getting more secure locks, since your current locks may be basic in design and only offer the most minimal protection for your home.

You gave keys away

Did you give a key to someone you were dating or married to and now you are no longer together? Are you unsure of how many keys you've made and you don't want random people having access to your home? Did you have a falling out with a family member who has a key and you don't want them breaking into your home?

When you give keys away to other people, your locks are compromised. You can remedy this situation by having new locks installed in your home. When you get new locks, make sure to have your keys made by your locksmith and don't give your keys away to anyone. This is the best way to protect your home.