Are You Sure All Of Your Home Entryways Are Secured?

Break-ins are incredibly traumatizing experiences. Even when no one was at home or nothing valuable was stolen, the fact that someone broke into your house can leave you traumatized. However, it is possible to avoid these experiences by ensuring that we have put the best security measures in place. For instance, you can decide to change your locks whenever you feel that you are not safe, even during the night. There are people who offer 24 hour locksmith services, and this means that you can contact them whenever you need their services. However, there are several ways in which you can ensure that the entryways in your home are secured. These ways are:

Secure Your Doors

A large portion of burglaries happen through the main door. This shows the importance of performing inspections to your main door, as well as all the other doors in your home. Ensure that the doors have strong frames, the wood is not damaged, and the hinges are well secured. If there is a mail slot in your door, make sure that no one can unlock the door through it. Your main door can be the focal point of your home, but don't compromise the security of your home for a beautiful view.

One way to secure the door is using a deadbolt. Deadbolts are stronger than normal locks, and they make it hard for burglars to force their way into your home. Even though deadbolt locks are expensive, it can be worth if you have one installed in your front door.

Lock Your Windows

Most windows come with latches already installed by the manufacturer. However, these latches are not as effective as many people think, and some of them are weak. Replacing the latches with key-operated handles or locks can be a good way to secure your windows. In addition, you can choose to insert tempered or laminated glass, as it makes your windows stronger. Though most of the burglaries happen through the windows on the first story, you should also ensure that you secure the windows in the basement and the second story.

Install Motion Sensors around the Entrances

Motion sensors play a critical role when it comes to securing the entryways of your house. So, you should consider installing motion sensors with lighting at the entrances of your home as well as in the dark areas surrounding your home. These devices can help in deterring potential intruders before they touch your windows or doors. If you don't own a house, but you live in a rented apartment, request the property manager to install adequate lighting in the halls and walkways to reduce dark corners.

For more information on securing your doors and windows, contact a local locksmith