Business Safes, Access Control Systems, & More | Common FAQs

Keeping the valuables, including cash, in your business safe is a matter of having the proper place to hold what is valuable and having a good security plan in place. Therefore, investing in a safe is probably one of the most important moves you will ever make. Take a look at some of the most common concerns and questions about business safes, access control systems, and other important security concerns. 

Should the room your safe is in be access-controlled? 

Absolutely. It is best if not everyone in your place of business has access to the room where the safe is held for several reasons. First, the fewer people who know about the location and operation of the safe, the more secure the safe and its contents will be overall. All it would take is one untrustworthy employee to get information about where the safe is located and how it is locked for there to be an attempt to get what is in the safe illegally. Most business owners choose to only allow specific, upper-level employees to access the room where the safe is housed. 

Is a safe with an access control lock the best?

Access control locks on a safe can be really effective just the same as they can be highly effective on entry points in a building. These systems grant access by either a pin code, a badge, or biological identifiers like a thumbprint or retinal scan. Therefore, only people who have the proper credentials or identifier will be granted access to the safe. If the room where the safe is housed has an access control system and the safe does as well, your valuables should be very well protected as long as you retain access information securely and only grant the right individuals access to either one. 

How often should you reset or reconfigure an access control system?

On either a safe or a door, your access control system should be reconfigured on occasion to maintain the utmost security, especially if the system utilizes an input code or scanned access badges for access. If the system you are using grants access according to a scanned badge, you will only have to make updates to allowed badge tags as necessary. However, pin codes should be regularly changed on both the safe and the doors they are installed on. Make sure when you change the access codes you change them completely so that new numbers are not easily guessed.