Four Tips for Securing Your Offices

Your offices are likely bustling centers of activity each day of the working year. Sometimes employees work late, and you may even find that you're there at all hours. The information being worked on and analyzed might be sensitive, and your clients value privacy. For all these reasons, securing and encouraging safe behavior throughout your company offices is necessary. Below are a view ways you can do so. 

Changing Locks

Locksmiths should be reached for a general assessment of all the entrances to the entire building and each office. If lock guard plates are loose or absent, or the locks aren't as protective as you need, locksmiths can fix or replace them. In particular, locksmiths may focus on deadbolt locks for any exterior stand-alone doors. If your offices have a breezy glass door at the entrance, locksmiths will install wiring and other components to ensure that any easy breach of that door is not possible. For more information on the types of lock services your business could benefit from, contact a locksmith like Roland Park Lock and Key.

Office Safes

It's not enough that the doors are equipped with locks; further protection of documents or other client-related objects or cash might be needed. If you aren't already using safes to store things away, consider different styles which could work. For example, you might want one that can be moved from office to office. For stronger protection, though, you may choose one safe for each floor or department that can be mounted inside a wall. This will thwart plans to flee with a safe and open it later. Locksmiths can discuss these options with you. 

Using Visible Cameras 

You may have planned to put in an alarm system already. You might also be planning to use hidden cameras, thinking that they'll more accurately capture the faces of intruders because they won't realize they're being recorded. However, visible cameras can, at times, better deter robbers because they're clearly seen and might make your offices less attractive as targets.

Lighting Building and Lot

Good lighting increases vision for the people in your offices and better protects them as they travel throughout the space and the exterior car lot. To encourage safe walking, pole lights and pathway lights are important. You might also want to reassess the efficacy of elevator lights and stairwell lighting.

Working with locksmiths, talking to security professionals, and asking your own team for input can create a harmonious, safe environment. Continue seeking different ways to make those who work in your offices feel that they're both valued and protected at every moment in the building.